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The GateWay Education Group, comprised of St. Jude’s Special Education Day School (founded in 1980); St. Jude’s Tutoring Schools (founded in 1991); and Scholars’ Hall University Preparatory Day School (founded in 1997) is pleased to welcome Spectrum Academy, a day school for high functioning children with autism, into our group of schools.

All four member-schools of The GateWay Education Group provide an un-paralleled level of education to the Kitchener / Waterloo / Cambridge / Guelph students who are smart and who need the opportunity to gain an educational advantage.

The GateWay Education Group member-schools are among the first and sometimes the only schools in Canada to offer, just to name a few: a family based learning environment; full-year schooling; no PD days; elementary grouping by skill rather than by grade; standardized/normed intake assessments; meaningful IEP implementation; integrated leadership and values education; university semesters – fall, winter, spring and summer; and advancement based upon achievement rather than age or grade placement.    

Thoughts from the Director

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Hi everyone, 

We just got this amazing email from one of our Moms. She knew we were having a staff meeting today and she wanted me to share it with you.  April 1st, 2020

Here it is: 

“I feel so fortunate right now to be a part of the SJSH family. When I see what’s happening with the Public and Private boards it seems like such a privilege to have access to this community. I can’t imagine how stressful this is for the teachers especially, trying to suddenly juggle home offices, childcare, internet usage and other constraints while keeping all these lessons going. Your teachers have maintained such a level of professionalism and care, and I think that the kids secretly love to see their cats and dogs in the background. It’s ok – I think these human experiences are bringing students and teachers together as a community. The students can see how hard the teachers are working and they are in turn working hard.

I can’t believe that I came downstairs this morning at 8am and my daughter was already sitting at her desk in the basement, looking through Edmodo and getting ready to log into her zoom class. I have never seen this kind of discipline and work effort from her before, 2 weeks ago it was a huge argument to even get her out of bed to do anything. This seems like a new kid – I have to literally shut her computer down at night to make her stop working on school work.  

I am amazed that she has a full schedule of due dates – just like when classes were in session at Scholars’. It seems that the curriculum didn’t miss a beat even though the school building was closed. Thanks everyone for your creative solutions to difficult problems, and for caring so much for our kids. I never imagined that this would work so well for our family.”