Welcome to SJSH

The GateWay Education Group, comprised of St. Jude’s Special Education Day School (founded in 1980); St. Jude’s Tutoring Schools (founded in 1991); and Scholars’ Hall University Preparatory Day School (founded in 1997) is pleased to welcome Spectrum Academy, a day school for high functioning children with autism, into our group of schools.

All four member-schools of The GateWay Education Group provide an un-paralleled level of education to the Kitchener / Waterloo / Cambridge / Guelph students who are smart and who need the opportunity to gain an educational advantage.

The GateWay Education Group member-schools are among the first and sometimes the only schools in Canada to offer, just to name a few: a family based learning environment; full-year schooling; no PD days; elementary grouping by skill rather than by grade; standardized/normed intake assessments; meaningful IEP implementation; integrated leadership and values education; university semesters – fall, winter, spring and summer; and advancement based upon achievement rather than age or grade placement.    

Thoughts from the Director

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